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Homelessness Knows No Boundaries
Women are sad and fearful when they first come to The Shade Tree. Family and friends sometimes bring women and children to the shelter when they can no longer care for them. Some women and children are brought to the shelter by our Metro Police. Local doctors, nurses, and hospitals refer people to The Shade Tree. Other social service agencies and churches refer women and children to us. Sometimes they just come in off the streets.

It does not matter how they come to us; we care for them all. We provide services for homeless and abused women and children, victims of domestic violence, victims of street violence or gang violence, victims of elder abuse, the physically and mentally disabled, female veterans, the working poor and homeless youth.

Our residents represent all ages, races, ethnic groups and educational levels. No one is immune.

During our last fiscal year, we sheltered 5,754 individuals (the most in our 24 year history) including:

1,847 children
105 veterans
168 pregnant women
825 primary and 228 secondary victims of domestic violence

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Stories of Healing
“My first day at The Shade Tree I couldn’t stop crying. I could not believe I was there; that my life had come to this. Less than a year later, I moved into my new apartment. I cried that day too when I saw the look on my son’s face when he saw his room for the first time.”
– Peggy, Former client of The Shade Tree

“When I came to the shelter I was what they refer to as a ‘victim of elder abuse’. My own children had been exploiting my Social Security check, and barely left me with enough for food and housing. After 10 days in the Transitional Shelter Program, I was placed in an assisted living facility, which provided meals, my own living space, and wonderful new friends.”
– Susan, age 87

“As a single mom with a 13-year old daughter, I didn’t have much choice about leaving my abusive husband. I went to The Shade Tree in the hope of finding a fresh start and brighter future. Thanks to the Job Development Program, I quickly found a new job. Through the Victim Services Center, I received education and support. With the help from the Children’s Activity Center, I grew closer to my ‘little girl’. Soon I was promoted and able to afford an apartment. We moved out of the shelter with $2,000 in a saving account.”
– Amy, age 52