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1.  How do I sign up to volunteer?

Click here to complete an online volunteer application. This will take you to a web form page. Complete each field and then click the ‘Submit’ button. An email is generated to confirm the receipt of your application and within 24-48 hours, the Shade Tree Volunteer Coordinator will contact you, either by phone or email, to provide you with further information and to schedule a new volunteer application.

2.  At what age may I begin volunteering?

The minimum age to volunteer at The Shade Tree/Noah’s Animal House is 10 years of age.  Volunteers 10-15 years old must volunteer with their parents at all times. Anyone that is 16+ can volunteer without a parent. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have their minor consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian and returned to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to beginning their volunteer service.

3.  Can I complete community service hours at The Shade Tree?

The Shade Tree does not accept court ordered community service, however, if you are needing to complete hours for educational purposes, we may be able to accommodate this request.

4. What type of volunteer opportunities do you provide?

There are many different ways to volunteer your time at The Shade Tree! Here are just a few examples: serving meals, helping at Noah’s Animal House ( M-Sun), teaching a life skills class, helping out in the Children’s Activity Center, job development, Touro Clinic, client advocate, sorting donations/dock helpers, greeters, cleaning, data entry, filing and more!

5.  Will I have to complete a background check prior to volunteering?

No, there will be no background check conducted. We will only need your application and a copy of you ID upon orientation for our records.

6.  What is the dress code for volunteers?

All volunteers must show a positive attitude and have appropriate personal grooming. Short shorts and tops that reveal bare skin such as halter tops and tank tops are not appropriate. Also, volunteers must wear closed toed shoes at all times (no flip flops/sandals).

7.  Can I volunteer with a group?  And if so, is there a minimum and maximum number of volunteers allowed?

Yes, you are able to volunteer as a group. There is no minimum or maximum number, however all groups will need to be approved beforehand.

8. Is there a certain amount of hours I can volunteer for?

No, we do not have a minimum or maximum number of hours. We accept any amount of hours a volunteer will serve.

9.  I have a friend/relative currently residing at The Shade Tree; can I volunteer?

Yes, with approval.  Please contact the Volunteer Department at (702) 385-0072 x105 to discuss your situation.

10.  Do you accept former residents as volunteers?

Yes, with approval.  Please contact the Volunteer Department at (702) 385-0072 x105 to discuss your situation.

11.  Do you provide internships?

Yes.  Please contact the Volunteer Department at (702) 385-0072 x105 to discuss what opportunities are available for internships.