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Why Support The Shade Tree










Family instability, joblessness, domestic violence, homelessness – these social problems are all around us. When you walk down the street, stop, and chances are you will see someone who is experiencing one of these challenges. A mom who has lost her job and is struggling to feed the family. Sisters. Brothers. Someone you may know.

How Can I Help?

There are many causes of family instability. Challenges to overcome. We can work together to stop a cycle of despair. And the first step begins with you.

Here are just a few ways The Shade Tree is impacting the community – with your help:

Every year, The Shade Tree . . .
•Serves 200,000 meals.
•Provides 150,000 nights of shelter.
•Leads 12,000 counseling sessions.
•Serves 17,000 plus individuals and families across the Valley.

You are truly making an impact. By supporting The Shade Tree you are saving lives and improving the world.

You Are the Solution!






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