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The holidays can be a source of celebration and happiness, a chance to reconnect with family and friends around rich traditions, food, and fun. Often, this time of joy can also be the source of stress and frustration, especially for those who feel displaced. We are highly aware of how the holidays may negatively impact our clients, so we take extra care, along with the rest of our local community,  to make sure this season is something special.

We want to help our TST community and the greater Las Vegas community stay joyous in spite of challenges many may be facing.  Here are a few ways to Spread Good Cheer. When you #SpreadGoodCheerLV share it forward by tagging your good deeds. Be sure to tag The Shade Tree; we want to celebrate with you.

Call an Old Friend or Family Member Just Because

A friendly call or text without a request or need is worth much more than we think. Connect with someone special.

Bake or Buy a Little Extra & Share it with Someone in Your Community

Everyone loves a sweet treat. Homemade or store bought doesn’t matter here, it’s simply the thought. Stick a bow on it and watch the recipient smile.

Lend a Helping Hand to someone in Need of Support

In the office or in the market parking lot, people need a lot more than they will ever ask for. If you see someone struggling provide your assistance.

Donate to Your Favorite Charity

We all have a favorite outreach organization. Year’s end if often times their final fundraising push. Even a small monetary donation can make a big difference.

Pay for the Coffee of the Person Behind You in Line

If you have participated in this pay it forward classic, try it. Often times it leads the most beautiful give-back chain you’ve ever seen.

Give a Handwritten Holiday Greeting to Someone who Needs a Pick-Me-up

We all love a quick text, but we cherish a handwritten note. Fill out extra greeting cards and hand them out as you go about your day.

Smile at Everyone Today

A smile can just be what the someone needs to get through the day. It’s free and healthy for the giver and receiver.

Advocate for a Cause Close to your Heart

Use your voice to bring awareness to an important cause. Talk about it over lunch with friends or bring it up online. Shine a light on an easy call to action.

Write a list of 5 Things You’re Thankful for & Post it on Social Media

Good things happen and we have so much to be thankful for. Reflect on accomplishments and breakthroughs and highlight them on your feed.

Tell Someone You’re Proud of Them

Many people know you care, but they may not know what you admire about them. Tell them the good news and watch them beam.

Start a New Holiday Tradition

Are you up for ugly sweaters, holiday onesies, hot chocolate and It’s a Wonderful Life, or neighborhood caroling? A simple coming together for a few laughs can become an annual thing.

Spend Time Snuggling

Get close with family, friends, a pet, a favorite stuffed animal, or the photo stream on on your phone. Take some intentional downtime to do nothing but focus on just that.